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My Anniversary Story
My great-grandfather used to tell me, "Don't chase after horses because you'll only end up with a death in your hand." I never quite understood his advice until one Christmas, I was gardening with my best friend Susan. All of a sudden, we found an underground tunnel! It was cold and spooky sounds came from deep within. Susan saw something interesting inside, jumped in, and I never saw her again. Great-granddaddy was right!
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No Fear of High Places :iconpier101:pier101 4 0 A Moment for Memories... :iconpier101:pier101 4 1 A Keen Eye... :iconpier101:pier101 3 3
An Unusual Encounter
Drayla was having a good day. Being a Felaryan dryad meant that she couldn't move around too much, so it was always nice some dumb humans decide to camp under this nice big tree they just found. This time was even better, as no less than 13 people set up camp and went to sleep beneath her branches. She had waited till they all nodded off, and then made a meal out of them in mere moments.
Now, she stretched her arms over her head, "Ahhh! That was such a big group! I haven't had a meal that size in ages." She yawned widely, "I think I'll take a nap now."
Just as she was starting to fall asleep, she heard a rustling noise in the brush below and, in a long practiced move, quickly cast illusion spells around herself, now appearing to be nothing more than a very large tree. She watched intently, curious as to what would come out, and whether or not she could eat it too. The thing, whatever it was, stepped out of the brush, and Drayla's arm immediately began a downward path towards it.
Now, i
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MY Little Pony :iconpier101:pier101 1 0
They had nothing more to say to each other. Words were useless at this point; diplomacy had failed. That seemed to happen quite frequently between these two lords. The two feudal lords ruled much land, and both had amassed great wealth, though in very different manners. The lord of the west, controlled the largest gold mines known to mankind, and was known for ruling his people with an iron fist. The lord of the east ruled lands steeped in agriculture, rich with beef and crops, and was well- loved by his people for his kindness. However, he had an unfortunate obsession with gold, and thus had fought the west lord for his mines many times. Now, it was going to happen again. The two lords turned away from each other, the east lord heading back to his camps on the plains, the west lord to his in the forest. The battle was to commence at daybreak.
Except the lord of the east was too crafty for that, or so he believed. He knew that the west lord was a great tactician, and that while was str
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Oh, wow, this is wonderful.
Goodie for you! You just looked up "deviantART" on deviantART.
Thanks to you, We've had a major paradoxical happenstance.
You have caused the universe to collapse in upon itself, consuming all reality.
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me foo :iconpier101:pier101 0 0
In every man's life there comes a day.
In every man's life there come many days.
There comes a day when he must be born.
There comes a day when he must learn to walk.
There comes a day when he must learn to talk.
There comes a day when he must learn to be quiet.
And there comes a day he must speak his mind.
There comes a day when he finds his love.
There comes a day when his heart is broken.
And there comes a day when he breaks a heart.
There comes a day when he must fight.
He may choose to use a gun.
He may choose to use words.
But he must still fight.
There comes a day when he must work.
There come many days of work to follow.
There comes a day when finds his true love.
There comes a day when he stands on the alter.
There comes a day when he tells this to his children.
There comes a day when he must let them go.
There comes a day for their days.
There comes a day when a man stops working.
There comes a day when he retires.
There comes a day when he grows ill.
There comes a day when h
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"How is he doctor? Will he be okay?"
She was a young, pretty girl with a worried air about her. Normally, she's happy, bubbly and overall a nice person to spend time with. Right now, she's at a hospital.
"Well", the doctor said,"physically he should fine, but I'm worried about his mental state."
"What do you mean?" She asked, almost sounding scared.
"The damage to his body wasn't great, but it left him in shock, which wasn't helped by the amateur rescue operation that got him out of the vehicle."
Now she seemed angry."What?!"
She punched the wall in anger, leaving a sizable dent and bruised knuckles.
"Please don't punch the wall miss. We have even injured people here, we don't need an injured wall."
"I know miss", the doctor said, trying to sooth her," I can assure that I will do what I can to help him. You have my word."
"Do you think he can return to normal?"
"Perhaps." The doctor sighed. "This
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Death Comes
It always comes,
It always will,
I've drunk from life,
But I've had my fill,
I tried to run away,
But of course it got me,
It follows you forever,
Forever no one can flee,
I'm not sure what to think,
I'm scared out of my wits,
Will it be a horrid beast,
With teeth and claws to rip,
Now I see my angel of death,
She's come for me all the while,
But if this is my death i see,
I'm going with a smile.
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I quickly jumped backwards, somewhat in shock. Normally that's not the first thing I'd say in the morning, but normally I see my own face in the mirror.
"Well... that's, weird".
Frightened, but curious, I turned away, then whipped back quickly to see if the image did the same. It did. I waved my hand, jumped up and down, and made some pretty weird faces. It mimicked my movements exactly. By this point I was freaked out, and honestly, scared.
I left the bathroom, but as I did I swore I Giggles?
Well, I made it to school with no faces in the rear-view mirror, but I still went straight to the bathroom, if only to check the ones in there. Nothing
"I must be going sane," I muttered to noone, and left.
The rest of the school day went like any other; long, boring, and wholly uneventful. Although, the building could have caught on fire and I doubt I would have noticed, I was so immersed in my own thoughts. My mind was fully on the strange face I saw
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I do not know what love is,
but is this all so bad,
I know there can be pain,
and it can make you sad,
but can't there be some happiness,
some joy inside this too,
I know of many stories,
where love just grew and grew,
people say I'm missing,
something very good,
but for now it seems,
my love is but a bud.
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May all your bacon burn.
United States
i am just a normal (cough hack hack) guy who love books, humor, and fantastic art. i'm probably going to put poetry up in stead of drawings to prevent an increase of blind people in the world. i love dragons. the end.

Current Residence: Gamelon
Favourite genre of music: mishmash
Favourite style of art: somewhat realistic/surreal
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Personal Quote: "There is to be no reasoning with a fool" and "I must be going sane"
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